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Tropical Flowers

Tropical flowers are native to the Tropics, they are also referred to as exotic flowers because they hold a special place in the hearts of flower lovers. They are usually associated with exquisite beauty, lush looks, breath taking fragrance and can be found in locations which are warm year-round. These flowers were originally found in places like Congo basin in west Africa, amazon Basin in Brazil and Indonesia. All Tropical flowers are exotic but not all exotic flowers are tropical. There is a special kind of buzz that comes with Tropical flowers like Orchid, Rhizomes, Gingers and Heliconia. These four flowers are not the only tropical flowers, there are many other flower types and species. All the afore mentioned flowers share a unique quality, that is an uncommon, striking spirit that reflects a sense of adventure and singular brilliance.


Orchids have a unique quality which makes it represent luxury and rare beauty. Flower lovers always develop a lot of interest in orchids because it is the most diverse exotic plant. The vanilla flavor which you love to use to bake are extracted from this plant and the fragrances which you love to wear are also extracted from this plant. Orchids are commonly cultivated in the tropics and have different varieties which can be differentiated with their unique fragrances. The brassavola orchid scent smells before you see it, the catesetum orchid with its pure white leaves produces a breath-taking fragrance after its leaves turn yellow while the cattleya orchid has bicolor features and are the most popular orchids. Other Species include Cycnoches orchid, Dendrobium orchid, Cymbidium orchids, Encyclia orchid, Epidendrum orchid and Ludisia orchid. These plants have several varieties and colors, most flowers are petite, look like jewels and the plants need very bright light to bloom and thrive.


You cannot miss seeing a Rhizome plant in the tropics, they are everywhere you look. These types of plants are mostly referred to as aggressive plants. Their stems run down into the soil and new stems are shot out to the surface out of their nodes. The underground parts of the plants also store nutrients. You cannot get rid of a rhizome because any piece left behind in the soil will propagate itself. Examples of such plants include Poison Ivy, Horsetails, creeping Charlie and stinging nettle. Other rhizomes which grow like landscapes include; Bamboo, Lily-of-the-valley, Papyrus, Virginia creeper amongst others.


One of the most beautiful and colorful flowers is Ginger. It is a rhizome that is usually used as an herb and for cooking. It is elegant in form, texture, sparkling color and amazing symmetry. Its growing process can be sped up by planting the root in a small pot and covering it up with a plastic bag and placing it on a sunny windowsill. It has so many benefits from improving digestion and appetite, aid absorption in the body and is crucial in the battle against cardiovascular diseases.


Heliconia is also known as false bird-of-paradise, lobster-claw or wild plantain. This beautiful flower has a unique structure with multi-color bracts. They are breathtaking due to their unusual flower bracts; these bracts can be of any color combination. Heliconia are slender and flourish well once to several times a year.

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