Requests & an Interesting Anecdote

Special Requests

On April 2nd 2015 to be precise, we had a request from a customer to deliver a single stem of rose to Mylapore (to his fiancee) everyday for the next 30 days. They were gettin married on the 31st day. We did the deliveries without fail eveyday. His fiancee got bored at the end of the 30th day that she was in a hurry to get married. The customer is still with us and places those occasional orders :-).

But its not just men acting cupid. Women too act cupid. We have women who had returned the favour and have sent flowers to not just their fiancee, but their future mother-in-laws, father-in-laws and their fiancee’s brothers & sisters. This has happened not just with one customer, but a number of them.

Weird Request – Cauliflower Rose Bouquet

Nothing beats the weird requests we have received till date than the request to create a cauliflower mixed with red roses bouquet. This request was made by a die hard romantic on Valentine’s Day to play a prank on his Valentine. Well we pulled it off (cover pic above) and he was very impressed. Not sure how his Valentine responded though.

An Interesting Anectode – Of Dogs & Midnight Deliveries

For 6 years now, we stopped doing midnight deliveries. Although as a business there is an opportunity for us to increase our income, couple of incidents got us to rethink the need to do midnight deliveries. The first few months were incident free and we did many midnight deliveries. But then incidents of hostility started getting reported. Apparently, not all of them are happy seeing our delivery personnel in front of homes or seeing them ride their bikes on completely desolate roads. Our delivery personnel almost get bitten and at times had dropped the floral arrangments that they were carrying. Yes, we are referring to our canine friends some of whom take refuge in the streets. They were getting disturbed and turned on their anger on our poor delivery personnel. In the interest of the safety of our employees, we had to call off midnight deliveries. The below videos depict more or less what our delivery personnel used to experience every night. Imagine this being experienced not just at our customer’s homes but also on the roads. For a business that is existing for our employees, this was not just worth it.


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  1. Sanjaya says:

    Very funny 🙂

  2. Akash says:

    Hahaha. Love you guys. You are the best in chennai. Keep it up.

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