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Bouquesteers & Delivery to Nungambakkam

Flower Bouquets Nungambakkam: We received a call few days ago from a regular customer of ours who said he wanted “Three Bouquesteers”. We realised later that the customer was doing a play of the words “bouquets and “musketeers” because he was ordering three bouquets and he wanted the each bouquet to have a separate “personality” (His words. Not ours. Honest to God). Well, we don’t want to comment much on the customer’s sense of humour, but he is a lovely human being who has been placing orders with us for the last seven years. The bouquets were collected near Kanchi Kamakoti Hospital on Nageshwara Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai.

Meanwhile, if you need flower bouquets and if you live in and around Nungambakkam or any location within the Chennai city limits, please call us at 94443 44488 or place your order online on our website.

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