Mandap Decoration & Indian Weddings

The Mandap Decoration is unique to India. Indian wedding by itself is gloriously colourful and vibrant. The mandap adds on to the colors making it an incredible visual treat. The mandap is where the main wedding rituals and ceremony takes place. This obviously makes it the most important space in the venue. Most Indian wedding ceremonies are long procedures, making the need for a stunning mandap all the more important.


South Indian Wedding Ceremony

Traditional mandaps have these days gotten a very modern make over.  Flowers remain the main element in the décor, however the accessories and frills to the décor have taken a modern twist.

From rich organza and shimmering chiffon fabric to streamers of every unimaginable kind, drape and decorate mandaps shaped in most unique designs. Floral peacocks and elephants are posted near the mandaps to up the glamour quotient. Creativity has no bounds when it comes to mandap decoration.


kerala mandap

Kerala Wedding Mandap

Mandaps are also designed based on what style of wedding it is. Considering the fact that it is an Indian wedding, its but obvious there are a zillion different variations depending on which part of the incredible country you hail from. The rituals and ceremonies vary and so does the mandap requirements. Keeping in mind traditional ceremonial requirements and clubbing modern creative elements, wedding décor these days are a visual treat.

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