The Lucky Bamboo – Auspicious Gift

The Lucky Bamboo has a very distinct and unique meaning, especially when given to someone as a gift. The lucky bamboo holds different meanings depending on the number of stems that are offered.

Two Lucky Bamboo pieces represents love.

Three stands for happiness, long life and wealth. This may be a good gift for weddings, as you wish the couple all of these blessings in abundance.

Five stems indicate success and wealth. Success in all facets of one’s life, spiritual, mental, intuitive, physical and emotional as well.

Six stems represent wealth and good luck, something you surely want to share while giving someone as a gift.

Seven represents a good state of health. It is an apt gift to wish someone speedy recovery from any health issues.

The Lucky Bamboo with 8 stems represents growth in all facets of life.

Nine stems represent perennial good luck.

Ten stems represent perfection.

Twenty one stems represents a powerful blessing.

Basically, there’s a meaning for every number and it’s all about choosing the right one based on the situation and occasion the gift is for. The depth of your affection and the intensity of your good wishes will be a blessing on the receiver regardless.

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