why flowers from our store

Why Flowers From Our Store?

When most people hear the word “flowers”, many other words rush to mind: emotions, dates, family, gifts, love and sometimes tears (funny how these sweet, frail creatures have so much power). Whatever flowers mean to you, we ensure that your heart is reflected in your bouquet.

Timely Delivery

Your time is precious, we keep that in mind. Even if you are running late, we still have your back. (Sneak peak: the flower arrangements aren’t they just lovely…come in at last moment and the work is executed in a short turnaround time. So, stop by on your way to your next date and let us help you make them fall head-over-heels!

Fresh Flowers

“Ain’t nobody taking no flowers like wilted mushrooms outta here”.

We ensure that we keep our flowers ever fresh and ready to go. Apart from regular flower care, we have equipment that help us keep them fresh in storage. Since flowers do not exactly fall from the sky, we ensure that they remain properly stored and nurtured until they are ready for use, so when next you want to place your order, remember NOT to fear that we may not have it ready.

Beauty in Variety

The saying “variety is the spice of life” could not be truer than in the floral business. Imagine that you have to choose between a horribly arranged, monotonous bunch of red roses and another one: a colourful mixture of yellow sun flowers,  white roses, purple orchids and a dash of red carnations, expertly put together to form a radiant, breathtaking bouquet. My guess is you would sooner choose the latter (well, some people prefer the one-colour bouquets too and yes, they can be as evocative but only if arranged by professionals like us). Of course we are determined to tickle your fancy and probably that of your dear ones, which is why we have stocked many different types and species of flowers to suit your taste for variety. Perhaps you do not exactly know how to mix the colours to get best. That’s why we are here! Just tell us what you want and watch us intrigue you.


Everyone knows flowers are supposed to be beautiful…but have you ever come across a bouquet that left you emotional – in the bad way? If you have been wondering what happened that fateful day, here you have your answer: arrangement! In floral arrangement, a lot of factors must be put into consideration, some of which are scale, balance, proportion, harmony and of course emphasis. Yet, these are not enough. There are various patterns for arrangement (triangular, crescent, Cascade, S-shaped etc) and while one must not put themselves in a box, it is important to ensure that one’s creativity produces at least similar unity of design that these standard floral arrangements afford. Sadly, many people disregard these rules. At our store, we are experts who understand the importance of these rules and that’s why we give the best arrangements around.

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