Russian Flower Expo

While Russia is in the news for the wrong reasons, their chamber of commerce & local business community seem to be working hard to set up and attract investments from countries around the globe. One such initiative is the flower expo that happens in Moscow in the month of September. The Russian flower expo last year was a resounding success in spite of the sanctions.  This year it is deemed to be much bigger.  The expo is scheduled to take place during September 11-13, 2018. One look at the list of exhibitors seem to show a list of companies from countries around the globe including U.K. & U.S.A. two of the countries that Russia seem to be having stormy relations with.

Most surprising is the fact that there are couple of companies from Israel that are in the list of exhibitors. A quick google search reveals that just like with security, water, food, Israeli companies are revolutionizing the flower industry as well. For a country that experiences sun almost 300 days a year, this is a terrific achievement. Their flower industry is contributing more than $200 million to the Israeli economy as a result of exports. India and Chennai in specific should look into this aspect seriously. That way the high prices of flowers in Chennai as a result of getting them from cooler regions can be reduced to an extent. The enterprising community in Chennai should be able to make it a success with some Israeli know-how.

Go to for more details on the expo.

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