nuts ferrero rocher bouquet in ra puram
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Nuts and Ferrero Rocher Bouquet

Nuts and Ferrero Rocher Chocolate arrangement is a great combination that comprises of dry fruits/nuts and chocolate. The arrangement was beautifully decorated with dry flowers. It is not only creative and beautiful but also highly nutritious.

Recently, we orchestrated a pleasant surprise for the former food minister of Tamil Nadu. Someone reached out to us through a phone call with a request, they wanted to present a gift to the former food minister but were at a loss on what kind of arrangements would be best. They wanted something unique and creative. After some considerations, we suggested an arrangement that will combine the uniqueness of chocolates, dry fruits and nuts then the deal was sealed and we went to work.

This little surprise gave birth to the Nuts and Ferrero Rocher chocolate arrangement. The arrangement was made up of 2 kilograms of nuts such as cashews, almonds, pistachios and raisins combined with 60 pieces of Ferrero Rocher chocolates. It took the efforts of a single artisan to combine the nuts and ferrero chocolate in a dry flower arrangement. The artisan spent four hours to achieve this result. He packaged each of the nuts carefully and neatly then arranged the ferrero chocolate carefully amidst the dry flower decorations. This required a detailed effort on the part of the artisan to achieve the desired unique result.

The nuts and ferrero chocolate arrangement is unique, a great combination, mouth watering and a great source of nutrients. The nuts used are a great source of protein, dietary fiber and unsaturated fat. They are also a great source of vitamins like Vitamin E and minerals like magnesium. Nuts help reduce risk factors for chronic diseases and provide other great benefits to the body. Each nut used has a special benefit it brings to the table. Almonds are rich in anti – oxidants and prevents constipation. Cashews are rich source of Vitamin B and E6. Raisins reduce acidity and aids digestion. Pistachios lower bad cholesterol level and boosts immunity.

Ferrero Rocher chocolate was the type of chocolate used in the arrangement. It is a combination of chocolate and hazelnuts made by Ferrero, the Italian chocolatier. Ferrero Rocher chocolate is made up of roasted hazelnut enclosed in thin wafer shells filled with hazelnut chocolate and coated with milk chocolate. They are delicious and highly appetizing.

The dried flowers used by the artisan in decorating this arrangement has its own uniqueness. They had varieties of subtle colors and a special texture. This sealed the beauty of the arrangement giving it a distinct herbal feel.

The gift of nuts and Ferrero Rocher chocolate was carefully packaged and ready to be delivered as a gift. It was then delivered to E.V. Velu, a former minister for food in Tamil Nedu, a southern state in the Republic of India. His countenance when he received the gift was that of joy and satisfaction. This was what really mattered and the sight of it brought us so much fulfilment.

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