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Lady from Rajasthan & Flowers to the Army General

Flowers Anna Salai: A late night call from Rajasthan on Sunday woke us up from our deep slumber. A lady on the other line, started speaking in a hurried tone asking us if we could deliver flowers to an Army General who stays in the Army Quarters on Flag Staff Road, near the Secretariat, Anna Salai, Chennai. As she was speaking in a hurried tone, we initially thought she wanted the delivery on the same night and politely refused. However, she mentioned that she wanted the delivery to be done on 11/06/19 at around 2.00 p.m. sharp.  “In that case we can do the delivery ma’am” said our staff.

After constant follow ups, we managed to deliver the vase arrangement that you see in the above picture. For flower deliveries to Anna Salai or any location in Chennai, call us @ 94443 44488 or place your order online at

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